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Concerning design and production standards, in the past ten years Kunshan Venjong Automotive has always strictly worked in accordance with the global manufacturing standards of Wegmann Automotive, following the tradition of innovative German companies focusing on product quality. Through the last years, many manufacturing processes have been fully automated to ensure the stability and consistency of the process as well as the excellent product quality. Kunshan Venjong Automotive is the only professional manufacturer using automatic mass production technology to produce balance weights and wheel accessories in China. Product quality standards fulfill our global internal standards as well as the requirements of the internationally recognized IATF16949 quality system.

Venjong is a long-term supplier of vehicle balance weights for automobile manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Geely and BYD in the domestic OEM market. At the same time, we are also serving the fast-growing after-sales market in China and overseas markets, covering wheel weights, valves and other accessories for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, modified cars and motorcycles. We are happy to serve you with high quality products, stable delivery time, a professional customer service team, carefully selected suppliers and strong group resources.

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Along with the continuous growth of the business in China, we sincerely welcome interested and enthusiastic professionals to join the Kunshan Venjong Automotive team, to further grow and develop ourselves together.

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